-THE BEST OFFER written and directed by Guiseppe Tornatore

Genre: Drama-Thriller


Virgil Oldman is a solitary, cultured man whose reluctance to engage with others, especially women, is matched only by the dogged obsessiveness with which he practices his profession of antiques dealer. He’s never been close to another human being, not even Robert, his only friend – a young, skillful restorer of mechanical devices from every era. The day he turns sixty-three, Virgil receives a phone call from a young woman who asks him to handle the disposal of some family works of art.

Rating: 7.5/10


3 comments on “MOVIE TRAILER

  1. I quite liked this film but then I am a geoffrey rush fan

  2. billyriel1971 says:

    Thanks for the recent visit to my Westerns genre site and the “like” of a post about The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007)….much appreciated. That movie is a very well-constructed and rewarding film, in my view, if you haven’t yet seen.

    You have an interesting collection of content on this site! All the best!

  3. I did like this movie very much, actually. Definitely a good story and excellent direction.

    Thanks billyriel.

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