HARD CANDY directed by David Slade


Genre: Thriller-Horror


A teenage girl agrees to meet a thirtysomething fashion photographer in person after becoming acquainted with him in an online chat room, and the resulting encounter finds the line between predator and prey slipping slowly out of focus in director David Slade’s provocative and topical thriller. Hayley (Ellen Page) is a 14-year-old teen whose emotional maturity seems to betray her tender age. Jeff (Patrick Wilson) is a potential child predator whose intentions toward his young chat buddy seem less than honorable. After meeting in a coffeehouse and getting to know each other briefly in person, Jeff invites Haley back to his place, and it’s not long before Jeff’s underage guest is pouring drinks and posing provocatively for an impromptu photo shoot.

Rating: 7/10

COMMENT: I open the New Year in quite a pushing way, my best wishes for 2014, believe me you won’t forget this scene, gentlemen, the movie is quite good, thanks to Ellen Page who is impressive in this taylor-made role.